Welcome to the Farm

We offer farm fresh eggs from our free range (pasture) chickens that are kept on a healthy and nutritious diet free of additives and other artificial chemicals. Our plans to expand to include other items such as chicks and chicken meat have been stalled due to the current situation. If you have something else you were looking for that’s chicken related and can’t find, feel free to send a suggestion to: birckknollfarm@gmail.com

We will be at Yorktown Market, a drive thru market, this Saturday, April 25th and at both Yorktown Market and Buckroe Beach on the following Saturday, May 2nd. Click on the Calendar link to see where you can find us or let us know if you would like to schedule something else. Or you can simply email us at birchknollfarm@gmail.com

Click on the About link to find out how we started. Don’t worry, it’s a short story.

Click on the More You Know… to find links to articles that explain why it’s a good idea to know where your food comes from, buying local, and more things we found interesting!

And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and Instragram (birch_knoll_farm)!