About Us

We started pretty simply – wanting to save some money on eggs that we seemed to be going through at an outrageous pace. Then we got our first six chickens and we enjoyed them so much that we started going to chicken swaps and saw different ways of farming.

Honestly, we felt horrible to see so many chickens in one small cage and know that this was how they spent their lives. The thought that even that was better than larger processing plants helped push us forward to offering our chicks a happy life and considering that other people might feel the same way we did.

On top of that, we noticed how different the eggs tasted and not just because they were fresh, but even when we changed their diets to more natural, healthy feed and added in fruits and vegetables. We found out why yolks are yellow and just how much what they eat changes how the eggs taste.

Which made it easy for us to decide to continue going in this direction. We believe that it is not just a good feeling to buy food when you know where it comes from, but a necessity to ensure that you and yours receive what you intend to eat and only that from a place that doesn’t put profit first and foremost.