The more you know…

Why do we sell our eggs unwashed without having ever touched the refrigerator? Well, thank you for asking! Here are some interesting facts about egg storage; I only did one article this time just because they all said the same thing just in different ways:

Does buying local really make a difference? Well, of course we think so, but don’t take our word for it. Browse through these articles and see if they can convince you!

Want information and the differences between eggs you buy at the grocery store and the eggs you get from us, check out these articles below and feel free to ask us!

Does free range really make a difference in the eggs or are you just paying extra for a happy chicken? Check out these articles for more information:

Curious about our duck eggs? Here are some articles about the differences between their eggs and chickens as well as the benefits.

Just in case you aren’t convinced you should care, here are a few articles about why it is important to know where your food comes from:

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